ARK Server API - Cross Server Chat 2.02 (By: Tobias)


First Please Stop Your Server Using The "Stop" Button.

  1. Login To Your Control Panel
  2. Click "ARK API Plugin"
  3. First Ensure Your Have The Core ARK API Latest Version Installed
  4. Install - Third Party [ API Plugin ] Cross Server Chat 2.02 (By: Tobias)
  5. Click "Gaming Services" To Go Back To Control Panel Homepage
  6. Click "Server Details"
  7. Select "Miscellaneous" From The Dropdown List & Click "Execute"
  8. Expand The Window Full Screen
  9. Take A Note Of The "Database Path" (Write It Down In A Notepad Document)
  10. Very Important: Read The Note Regarding Double Backlash Requirements In URL Path
  11. Click The [X] Located At The Top Right.
  12. Select "FTP Credentials" From The Dropdown List & Click "Execute"
  13. Take A Note Of All The Information Provided (Write It Down In A Notepad Document)
  14. Download, Install And Open "FileZilla Client" It Is An FTP Client Allowing Us To Transfer Files To And From The Server
  15. When Open, Enter The HOST, USER, PASS And PORT Into The Respective Boxes & Click Connect
  16. Once Connected Navigate To ShooterGame\Binaries\Win64\ArkApi\Plugins\ArkCrossServerChat\ & Download The File "Config.json"
  17. Open The File You Just Downloaded
  18. Enter The Database Path URL You Got From Server Details > Miscellaneous - Ensure You Use Double \\ Backslash's Instead of Singles
  19. Click SAVE
  20. Upload The File You Just Saved Back To ShooterGame\Binaries\Win64\ArkApi\Plugins\ArkCrossServerChat\ & Overwrite If Prompted Click YES
  21. Go Back To The Control Panel And Click "Gaming Services" On The Left Hand Navigation Menu
  22. Click Start Button To Start Your Server

After A Couple Minutes Your Server Will Be Online.

The In Order To Get Your Server To Communicate With Other Servers In Your Cluster Both Servers Must Be Hosted On The Same Machine.

You Should Contact Support To Ensure This Is The Case And If Not Request Them To Be Moved If Possible

Note: We Can Not Guarantee It Will Be Possible As Stock Levels Fluctuate All of The Time. If It's Not Possible You Will Need To Wait And Ask Again The Following Week.


There Are Additional Configuration Requirements In Order To Get All Servers Communicating And Connected.
This Guide Is All About The Database Path And Ensuring You Use Double Back Slashes.

To View The Full Installation Instructions (The Configuration Section) Please Click Here

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