Atlas Pre-Order Cancelled & Refunded

Posted: 24th December 2018 (Christmas Eve) 10pm GMT

Dear Valued Customer.

Today we have made the decision to cancel and refund in full all customers who pre-ordered the game Atlas. The reasons for this decision are as follows:

1. The game has 75% Negative Reviews on steam upon launch – You can view them here:

2. Out of 10,000 reviews posted only 23% found the game to be acceptable.

3. Dedicated server files were released today – Upon checking the files it seems the devs have not made this easy (similar to ark) they have made it super complicated to the point that even if were were to spend the 24 hours trying to get a demo server live we would no doubt have hundreds of issues to which we can not figure out & resolve.

4. No documentation for dedicated server files. No help guides at the time of writing only guides that correspond to other companies such as Nitrado.

5. We fear the worst for this game and don’t think it’s worth the time or investment in getting it working in it;s current state. The game was rushed out too early (cash grab) and this can be seen in that there are many copy & paste’s found throughout the game menus (references to ark) and also the game files references to ark.

6. Many customers who have issues with the game server will undoubtedly assume the cause is with the host and as a result will cause cancellations & refunds.

As a company who cares about thing else but quality service and support we can’t in good conscious sell servers for this game in it’s current poor state. We will leave that to the lesser quality hosting companies who care about nothing but profits. When the server files become more simpler and the game is fixed of all bugs and gains a better reputation we will reconsider adding this game to our list of supported game services.

We do not normally refer customers to other companies as we think it’s hard to find a decent host these days who posses the same qualities as ASHosting, however as the game developer has chosen Nitrado as their official host our suggestion is to buy a server from them or don’t buy a server and wait for the game to be fixed (which based on previous experience will take 6 months to 1 year – example ARK.)

We thank you for your interest in purchasing an Atlas Server from us but as mentioned above, we never put emphasis on profits before quality. If we do end up hosting servers for Atlas in the future we will ensure we let you know.

Remember, we do offer ARK Server Hosting so if you think Atlas is not worth playing you can always pick up an ARK server.

Thank You.