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We are ranked As The #1 Best ARK Server Hosting Provider In 2019. We have been hosting ARK servers since day 1 of game launch and have been improving our hosting solution every day since. We have the most user-friendly control panel with awesome powerful features all included free of charge.
ARK Valguero Server Hosting

Note: Our ARK Server Hosting Is For PC Only! (Not Compatible With Xbox / PS4)

Our Best ARK Hosting Service Includes The Best Server Features!

Fast ARK Game Server Setup
Your order will be processed immediately after you pay, typically it takes up to 15 minutes before your ark server hosting is online.
Cross Travel Cloud System
Our unique Cloud Cross Travel allows customers to link more than one server regardless of were each server in the cluster is GEO located.
Mass Mod Install
With our Mass Mod Install system created in house, you can install multiple mods quick and easy. It's one of our most popular features.
Automatic Mod Updates
Our Auto Mod Updater created in house checks steam in realtime for any mod updates you have installed. It also sends Game Notifications.
Automatic Server Restarts
You can configure your server to automatically restart at a time of your choosing and schedule them to auto repeat every few hours.
Automatic Server Cloud Backups
Many hosts only offer 1 auto backup per day. With ASHosting backups are generated every hour and a total of 24 backups are stored.
Swap Locations At Any Time
If you decide you no longer wish to host your server at your current selected location, you can at anytime request to migrate to another.
Standard CPU: (Up To 4.0GHZ)
We host our servers exclusively on the very latest, high specification machines. We also have 9900K 5GHZ CPU's available!
Server Memory: 6GB Limit
By default we offer you 6GB memory allowance for your server to utilize, however you can also upgrade this to a higher capacity at anytime.
HDD: 20GB Solid State Drive
We host our server files exclusively on the very latest Enterprise SSD drives. however you can also upgrade to 970 Pro NvME Drives.
Data Migration Service
After you place an order, you can open a support ticket with us and ask us to migrate your server from your old host to ASHosting.
All ARK DLC's Supported
We support all official Studio Wild Card DLC Expansion Packs. You can enable and disable them with our user-friendly configuration files.
Beyond-API Full Intergration
Our servers are fully compatible with Beyond-API (ARK Server API) plugins and repositories, free and paid plugins are supported.
Community Discord Access
You are extended an exclusive invitiation to one of the most popular / active server hosting communities when you buy a server.
Customer Satisfaction Guarantee
We offer an impressive 14 Day Money Back Refund policy with all new server orders, ensuring our customers are 100% satisfied.


The Best, Most Powerful Experience

Prices Starting From:£20.00 | $25.00/month

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10+ Player Slots
Guaranteed Best Hardware
5.0GHz CPU (i9-9900K)
970 PRO NvME (Max I/O)
30GB Usable SSD Space
12GB Usable Memory
10Gb/s Network Uplink
Ticket & Discord Support
DDoS Protected Network
Includes All DLC's & Maps
Real-Time Auto Mod Updates
Single Click Mod Installation
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[ 14 Days Refund Policy ]


High Quality & Affordable

Prices Starting From:£9.00 | $12.00/month

Do not under estimate! The Standard Plan offers great value while offering a high quality affordable server.

30+ Player Slots
Best Value For Money
Upgrade At Any Time
Ticket & Discord Support
DDoS Protected Network
Includes All DLC's & Maps
Real-Time Auto Mod Updates
Single Click Mod Installation
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[ 14 Days Refund Policy ]