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ARK Server Hosting PC 2018

Best ARK Server Hosting With Outstanding Support & Our Lowest Prices Ever. Including Free BattleMetrics + Discord Support!

Real-Time Automatic Mod Updates

With our real-time automatic mod update system you can sit back and relax, no more manual mod updating, it's all done for you 24/7!

Premium Automated Backups

No more manual backups! With our unique automated backup service you can rest assured your data is safe and secure.

With ASHOSTING, you get the Best Server Performance and Best Customer Support For The Lowest Prices. 24 Hours Money Back Guarantee (No Questions Asked) If You Change Your Mind For Any Reason!

ARK: Survival Evolved Game Server

  • Unlimited Slots
  • Dallas, New York, Los Angeles & London
  • [ 4.0 ] GHz Xeon CPU
  • Enterprise SSD Hard Drive
  • 10 Gbp/s Uplink Connection
  • Automatic Server Backups
  • Real-Time Automatic Mod Updates​
  • Support Via Discord & Support Tickets
  • FREE RCON Account

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New Prices

"It doesn't matter how many customers we have, the only thing that does matter is how many HAPPY customers we have"
This is our companies motto and we live by it EVERY DAY! We only care about you, our customer. Everything else is secondary.
We are unique for many reasons listed below but mostly we are different than other hosts because we actually care about you!

Great Support

With our collective 20+ years hosting game servers, you can rest assured you are in safe hands. Our support agents go above and beyond to ensure you always remain satisfied.

Fast Network

As of 2018 our network currently comprises the following locations: London, New York, Las Angeles & Dallas Texas. Additional locations will be added in the coming years.

DDoS Protection

We have invested heavily in the protection of our network and customer data to ensure your servers remain online, utilising the latest mitigation techniques and next-gen hardware.

Introducing the most advanced, easy to use Control Panel, providing a seamless server setup experience.

Our Control Panel is powered by TCAdmin Version 2, with our own custom designed theme. The functionality has been custom coded from the ground up making our control panel 100% unique compared to our competitors. Our control panel allows our clients to have complete control.

High Quality Support

Premium Game Servers

Money Back Guarantee

About Us And Why We Are The Best Host For ARK

We dreamed of an easy to use control panel for editing servers, making them unique to every other server already out there. We wanted a quick and easy method of installing and updating mod packages.

We also yearned for support that actually helped instead of the usual "this is out of our control" and another one of our favourites "we just host the server, we don't run it for you" while always without failure only receiving one line answers after waiting hours for a reply to support tickets.

Fed-up with frustrating experiences using other services available online, we started to learn ourselves how this is all done. Through sheer determination and will power we all in our unique ways learnt how to host game servers effectively resulting in a great server experience.

As time went on we found ourselves ironically working for other providers as support agents as we realised there was money to be made to hosting game servers, we needed little training considering we taught ourselves the main aspects.

Throughout our own unique experiences working for these companies we started to learn quite quickly that there was only one focus and that was to make money and lots of it. We noticed a lack of support quality and support ticket response rates were very slow.

Many of us in our own ways (in an attempt to improve quality) forwarded our concerns and suggestions to resolve these but we found out none of these companies we worked for cared about that, they simply wanted less headaches and more profit. We all got tired of working for these companies in the end.

We all met at GamesCom. We talked allot about our frustrations, desires and aspirations. Through the days that followed we put together a foundation plan to establish a new server hosting company and decided to start slow at first in order to gain trust and approval from our perspective clients.

We figured we would start hosting servers for the single most popular game as of 2017 and then eventually establish a parent company to which would host additional games in the future.

A simple concept, create a solid server hosting company which caters for ARK: Survival Evolved exclusively, allowing us to invest all of our time and energy into making what we believe would be the absolute best ark game server hosting experience!