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We Are The Best ARK Server Hosting Online! A bold statement to make, but just look at our support & service quality and you will see why. We offer multiple exclusive features such as the following:

Real-Time Automatic Mod Updates

With our real-time automatic mod update system you can sit back and relax, no more manual mod updating, it's all done for you 24/7!

Premium Automated Backups

No more manual backups! With our unique automated backup service you can rest assured your data is safe and secure.

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"It doesn't matter how many customers we have, the only thing that does matter is how many HAPPY customers we have"
This is our companies motto and we live by it EVERY DAY! We only care about you, our customer. Everything else is secondary.
We are unique for many reasons listed below but mostly we are different than other hosts because we actually care about you!

Great Support

With our collective 20+ years hosting game servers, you can rest assured you are in safe hands. Our support agents go above and beyond to ensure you always remain satisfied.

Fast Network

As of 2018 our network currently comprises the following locations: London, New York, Las Angeles & Dallas Texas. Additional locations will be added in the coming years.

DDoS Protection

We have invested heavily in the protection of our network and customer data to ensure your servers remain online, utilising the latest mitigation techniques and next-gen hardware.

Introducing the most advanced, easy to use Control Panel, providing a seamless server setup experience.

Our Control Panel is powered by TCAdmin Version 2, with our own custom designed theme. The functionality has been custom coded from the ground up making our control panel 100% unique compared to our competitors. Our control panel allows our clients to have complete control.

High Quality Support

Premium Game Servers

Money Back Guarantee

With ASHOSTING, you get the Best Server Performance and Best Customer Support For The Lowest Prices. 24 Hours Money Back Guarantee (No Questions Asked) If You Change Your Mind For Any Reason!

Tamed Dino

  • 100 Player Slots
  • ARK Servers For Steam (PC)
  • Dallas, New York, Los Angeles & London
  • [ 5GB ] Memory Per Server
  • [ 3.5 ] GHz Xeon CPU
  • SSD Hard Drive
  • 10 Gbp/s Uplink Connection
  • Order Multiple Servers & Enable Clustering In 1 Click!
  • Automatic Server Backups Every 1 Hour (24 Per Day)
  • Real-Time Automatic Mod Updates​ + Warning Messages
  • Real-Time Support Via Discord (Including: Voice Support)
  • FREE RCON Account

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Wild Dino

  • 100 Player Slots
  • ARK Servers For Steam (PC)
  • Dallas, New York, Los Angeles & London
  • [ UNLIMITED ] Memory Per Server
  • [ 4.5 ] GHz Xeon CPU
  • M.2 NVMe SSD Hard Drive
  • 10 Gbp/s Uplink Connection
  • Order Multiple Servers & Enable Clustering In 1 Click!
  • Automatic Server Backups Every 1 Hour (24 Per Day)
  • Real-Time Automatic Mod Updates​ + Warning Messages
  • Real-Time Support Via Discord (Including: Voice Support)
  • FREE RCON Account

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ARK Survival Evolved Server Hosting Reviews

I have only been playing ARK Survival Evolved by the past several weeks and liked the idea of creating & managing my own tribe.

I realised I needed a server provider and after reading some very good reviews I picked up a server from ASHosting.

I had a couple of issues to begin with but not with their service but with getting past the learning curve which the support helped with, they were patient & polite and very helpful.

ARK Server Hosting Logo
Wayne Lockett
NoNerdsJustGeeks (Tribe Leader)

I decided to transfer my 3 servers to ASHosting after having to put up with terrible support and laggy servers from my old host.

Since being hosted by ASHosting I have had a couple issues but only with mods which is nothing to do with them but they still got in touch with the mod developer.

After a day or so the issue was fixed, I am blown away by the dedicated staff here at ASHosting. Keep it up guys!

ARK Server Hosting Logo
Shane Baldwin
Uranium Potato (Tribe Leader)

I was hosted by a very well known host and they were decent but they over-charged us many times. I also had issues with their support with the quality of support provided.

After speaking with a friend who has been hosted here for a while I decided to trial them for a month and I am so glad I did.

The support team will not stop until you are 100% satisfied which I am. I will be hosted here for the foreseeable future now.

ARK Server Hosting Logo
Charles Eller
Under_eS!:timated (Tribe Leader)

Everything you need to know about Evolved Mod Updater (AKA: EMU)​

ARK: Survival Evolved launched through Steam’s “Early-Access” on June 2, 2015. Later in the year community members developed and deployed their third-party unofficial mods for the game through the Steam Workshop community area.

These mods varied in size from the small 17KB mod sizes through to the very large 6GB maps and mods. Whilst the community enjoyed playing these mods, server owners did not enjoy the maintenance aspects of the mods, mainly the constant updating of the mods in order to ensure their player base could connect to the server running those mods. 

The most annoying aspects of renting ARK Survival Evolved game servers was most definitely the mod updates required, sometimes on a daily basis. Renting an ARK Server from a Game Server Hosting provider meant having to manually upload the mods to the servers Content\Mods directory every time an update was released.

Later in the year game server hosting companies began to use a third-party tool integrated into the TCAdmin Control Panel which 95% of all companies use. The problem with this is that whilst the tool in question worked to some degree it failed in updating mods larger than 1GB in size which was the majority of the popular mods. 

The tool would “timeout” when attempting to download the mod files from steam to the server. The only way to resolve this was to continuously retry. This meant that on average a customer would be waiting 15 minutes for each mod they were wanting to download / update.

Currently in 2018 all TCAdmin hosting companies continue to use this method. The reason is simple, they do not know how to fix the problem. The good news is that this is now a thing of the past for ASHosting customers.

Exclusively available to ASHosting customers, EMU is now the most premium tool available. It’s used to update mods automatically. It’s not just an auto updater but it’s also a real-time monitoring tool. The tool will continuously monitor the steam workshop every second for a mod update.

When a mod update has been detected any game server we host that uses that mod will instantly download the update at 10Gbps (This is extremely fast) allowing 6GB files to download in seconds! All files are validated against many variables in order to ensure the mod has been fully updated.

The server would then broadcast in-game server messages warning players that the server has just updated a mod or group of mods and that the server would need to be restarted. The restart warning messages continue until the restart time delay (configurable in control panel) is reached.

This restart delay is used to allow players enough time to prepare for the restart. The server then automatically saves the world and then it restarts. Upon server start the server is then running the latest version of the mods that previously updated.

This means server admins never have to update mods manually via FTP or broken tools. Everything is done for our customers behind the scenes. This means our customers spend more time playing and less time doing server maintenance.

Our Evolved Mod Updater is 100% unique and not available with any other game server hosting provider. To our knowledge no other hosting company has anything similar to EMU who use TCAdmin Control Panel. There are only 2 other companies who have a custom control panel who have a similar auto mod update system but no were near as powerful, fast or efficient as EMU. 

EMU has been developed from the ground up, it does not depend on any other third-party tool in order to operate. We have full control over the functionality, additionally we release updates regularly and seamlessly in order to expand the functionality offering greater control and customisation options to our customers.