ARK Server Hosting Turbo Speed

Pricing starts at (£10.00 / $15.00) monthly for 30 slots.

Note: Our ARK Server Hosting Is For PC Only! (Not Compatible With Xbox / PS4)

We Offer  
High Quality
High Performance
Low Priced
Auto Mod Updated

Many Settings

Set 200+ game server settings through our control panel! All settings contain helpful hints!

Mass Mod Installations

A selection of Over 2,000+ mods and custom maps which can be installed in just 1 click!

Cloud Cluster Servers

Buy multiple servers and transfer characters, dinos, and items between each of your servers!

Play All DLC Packs

Play Aberration, Scorched Earth, Primitive Plus, Ragnarok And Extinction!

  • Instant Game Server Setup
  • Expert Support Via Ticket & Discord
  • Mass Mod Install * EXCLUSIVE FEATURE *
  • Automatic Mod Updates * EXCLUSIVE FEATURE *
  • Automatic Server Restarts
  • Automatic Server Cloud Backups
  • Instant Server Restore Tool
  • ARK Server API Fully Supported (1 Click Easy Install)
  • Easy To Configure Server Settings
  • Swap Locations At Any Time
  • High Performance Duel CPU Specifications
  • 256GB Enterprise Memory Per Machine
  • Enterprise Solid State Drives
  • 10Gbps Uplinks Per Machine
  • 20Gbps DDoS Protection Entire Network
  • TCAdmin Version 2 Control Panel (Custom)
  • Free BattleMetrics RCON (Paid Plan) * EXCLUSIVE FEATURE *
  • Cross Travel Cloud System * EXCLUSIVE FEATURE *
  • Competition Entry (Win Goodies By Being A Customer)
  • Wipe Server World (1 Click)
  • Delete Single / All Mods (1 Click)
  • Save Word Progress (1 Click)
  • Fast Steam Update (1 Click)
  • Real-Time Server Monitoring

Rent Our ARK Server Rental Service And Get Our Amazing Features!

Our features will make your ark server rental come alive whilst making server management a breeze!

Instant Server Setup

Your server will begin setting up as soon as you have paid your first game server invoice.

Easy Configuration

All of our game servers come with pre-made configuration files with helpful tutorials.

Cloud Backups

Automated backups are included with every server. They run hourly and are easy to restore.

Automatic Updates

Each server can be configured to auto update. In addition all mods are auto updated.

Guaranteed Resources

We monitor each machine to ensure a limited number of servers per machine.

Server Files Access

FTP is provided for our advanced users who need direct access to their server files.

Low Ping Network

Each machine is hooked up to a 10Gbps line. This results in a fast low ping network.

DDoS Protected

20Gbps denial of service protection is enabled. Your server will always be online.

Cheap Low Prices

Our pricing is extremely competitive, you will find it difficult to find a similar cheaper host.

ARK Server API

We fully support ARK Server API and all associated plugins, each one installed in just 1 click.

Refund Guarantee

Unlike other hosts we have nothing to hide. This is why we offer a full 7 day refund period!

Fast Expert Support

We provide live support via Discord. You can also send us a support ticket day or night.

Our ARK Survival Evolved Game Server Hosting Control Panel

When You Experience Our User Friendly ARK Dedicated Server Control Panel You Will Fall In Love And Won't Want To Use Anything Else.